What are Niche Perfumes?

Your clients are looking for luxury and exclusive fragrances that make them stand out, and niche perfumes are exactly that!

 Niche perfumes provide a unique aura of scents designed specially to convey a special and unmatched type of fragrance.

They are provided by fragrance houses known for their long history in manufacturing the finest perfumes, some of which are more than 100 years old.

These perfumes are often manufactured using the highest quality raw materials, and are crafted by hands that have passed on the secrets of the profession through generations of the same family.

Today, SILLAGE is the first provider of niche perfumes in Saudi and Gulf countries.

What Do We Offer? 

At SILLAGE, we provide an integrated system of services for all the fragrances that we supply to the Gulf. 

Our services include: 

  • Retail and distribution
  • Brand management in the distribution area 
  • Logistic management in all its forms 
  • We already have two existing brands in the retail sector

SILLAGE DistributionServices

SILLAGE delivers many services to its partners. It provides niche perfumes, and keeps them stored in optimum conditions, until they are delivered to the final consumer.


Logistic services

We provide operations and secure storage at our warehouses in Saudi and the UAE.

In addition to that, we offer shipping and transportation services that suit each fragrance. 


We aim at exploring new markets for our retailers to distribute their products on a wider scale.


Brand management

We support the brands we collaborate with through:

-Building their positive perceptions
-Promoting their names
– Creating a loyal customer base.

SILLAGE RetailBrands

SILLAGE Retail owns trademarks that offer retail products in its branches and online stores.


Project Nose



Distribution Partners

We value our collaborative relationships that help us find opportunities and explore new horizons.   

Saudi SILLAGE distributes through strategic partnerships with:


Distribution sector

Distributing through famous retailers in Saudi Arabia, such as Rubaiyat, Harvey Nichols, Paris Gallery and others. 



A subsidiary based in Dubai that handles all distribution operations in the Gulf.


Fragrance Houses

We are proud to be providing a lot of rare niche fragrances, which we import from the most prestigious fragrance houses around the world.