Fahad Sa’ad AlShuaibi

He started his career after graduating from King Saud University in 1978 with a Bachelor’s degree, to join the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC),
where he started his career as a marketing researcher, before being promoted to several important positions and assigned to important leadership
roles, most recently as Deputy CEO of Human Resources After working as an advisor to the CEO of SABIC, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the
Arab Fertilizer Association and several memberships on boards of directors and committees of international companies and organizations.
Fahad AlShuaibi subsequently established a number of commercial enterprises, including a company that served several sectors in employing executives
and providing management consulting, in addition to a firm that specializes in providing evaluation and benchmark studies and raising factories
performance and levels of efficiency.
It is worth noting his great support from the beginning to the vision of SAUDI SILLAGE, in addition to his influential contributions as Chairman of the
Board of Directors, with his long experience in designing the company’s strategies, and moving it to become one of the most important names in the
perfumes sector in the Gulf region


Sultan Fahad AL-Shuaibi

He worked as a lawyer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a British company that is considered one of the most important legal companies in the
world, before turning his career and heading for his passion for fragrances in 2012, establishing his first project after several trips and courses through
which he sought to gain greater knowledge in the perfume industry, his first branch was in Burj Raval with 2 employees and he is the third of them and
moved in a short time from retail to distribution in 2015.
Sultan Al-Shuaibi focused on employing the young energies in the Kingdom, and he was a leader and mentor, as he contributed to building and
developing many competencies that gained knowledge and learned the foundations of leadership on his hands, and he also built a family-oriented work
environment in which everyone is a secret to success.
He also formed a large network of relationships in this field in addition to his deep understanding of the market, and he managed SILLAGE since 2012
supervising its projects such as L’odore and others, in addition to his keenness to contribute to serving the goals of the country through his next
project in cooperation with Saudi perfume designers
All this success was the result of his keen desire to learn through his many trips, and the leadership spirit he inherited from his father Fahad AlShuabi.

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