Niche Perfumes

It is a category of high-quality luxury perfumes, provided by fragrance
houses known for their long history in manufacturing the finest perfumes,
some of which are more than 100 years old. This type of perfumes is often
made using the highest quality raw materials, by the hands of perfume
makers who have passed on the secrets of the profession through
generations of the same family.
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SILLAGE today is the first provider of these perfumes in Saudi and the gulf

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Opening points of sale at retail stores, in addition to providing
them consistently and stably.

Brand management

Promotion and marketing of products, to raise
demand for them, build customer base, and create
positive perceptions of them.

Logistic services

Operations and warehousing at our warehouse in Saudi
Arabia and the UAE, in addition to shipping,
transportation in specific ways for perfumes.

SILLAGE Trademarks

Saudi SILLAGE brands, we offer our
products retail in its branches and
electronic stores.

Distribution partners

Saudi SILLAGE distributes through strategic partnerships with:

Distribution sector

famous brands in the retail sector in
Saudi Arabia, such as Rubaiyat, Harvey
Nichols, Paris Gallery and others.


A Saudi SILLAGE Distribution
Company based in Dubai that handles
all distribution operations in the Gulf.

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